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Children love the mix and match possibilities of this coordinated soft blocks and mat set. ALLOW UP TO THREE WEEKS BEFORE SHIPPING, AS CHILDREN’S FACTORY EDUCATIONAL TOYS ARE MADE-TO-ORDER. Start with Children’s Factory 60″ square, 1″ thick, four-color primary color Crawly Mat. Add nine 5.5″ soft cubes and six 5.5″ soft cubic triangles that perfectly match each color and pattern in our soft mat. The result is a color and shape discrimination laboratory for little ones. This big child’s floor mat can accommodate several active children. Not suitable for tumbling or gymnastics. It’s an educational toy that ideal for floor activities.1″ thick activity mat is five feet in diameter. 14 oz. nylon-reinforced vinyl play surface is an easily-cleanable hygienic spot for child activities. Virgin foam core. A quality Children’s Factory educational toy. SHIPPING NOTE: Children’s Factory educational toys are shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take up to three weeks before shipping. But considering all the creative enjoyment they will bring, they’re well worth the wait.
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