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Electronic journal kept secure by a voice recognition chip. When it hears the owners top-secret password spoken, it opens automatically Records and plays back messages. For ages 8 yrs. and up. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

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The world can be a scary place, full of nightly noises, menacing monsters, and dreadful dreams. But not all monsters want to terrify. With the help of a magical spell and an appetite for troubles, a monster can be your dearest friend. Furry and fearless, friendly but ferocious, these Nightmare Snatchers are the perfect journals for writing down and drawing out all that scares, frightens, and worries. You have only to recite the spell, record your woes, then mark your pages with their long tail and your faithful friend the Nightmare Snatcher will eat your fears away. Whatever monsters may haunt you, from the Long-Leggedy-Beasties that go bump in the night to the bullies in the broad daylight, the ancient pages of these loyal friends wait patiently to gobble them up and hold them fast. So, which Nightmare Snatcher will you choose?

Some nightmares are bound to get through even the toughest dream catchers, but not one will escape the Nightmare Snatcher. Kids and adults alike can write or draw their fears, worries and nightmares onto their tea-stained pages and they’ll devour them so you can rest easy. At the beginning of each snatcher is an ancient incantation that when spoken awakens its appetite for your scrumptious troubles.

Handmade; each sheet of paper is tea-stained and cut by hand. Available in various characters.

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From the Dr. Seuss collection. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Journal–the perfect blend of whimsy and nostalgia. With its colorful covers and lively extra touches, this journal inspires creativity or organization! Can be used all over the house or office–for journal writing, phone messages, shopping or to-do lists, even doodles. This hard cover journal features 200 blank lined pages, full color endpapers with a space to write your name and more Places graphics on the back cover and end pages (with Horton). Measures 6″ x 8″.

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It’s fun to learn kindergarten skills with the Care Bears! Age-appropriate, skill-building activities with fun colorful art are just right for young children. Each book in this series will help children build a strong educational foundation. The other books in this series are Writing, Concepts, Thinking Skills, Beginning Math, and Preschool.

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Scooby-Doo helps kids learn with this Printing Practice Activity Book! Kids practice writing Capital & Small Letters A-Z Letter Recognition Learning Book includes larger lines for printing.And Activity Book is Full-Color with lots of Scooby Doo and Friends!, Manufacturer: Bendon Publishing

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Children love these magnetic state flags. Georgia s new state flag, adopted in 2001, is included in this colorful and informative set. A magnetic key is included.

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This Magnetic Letters & Number Play and Storage Desk features reversible table top desk, removeable chalk board, 2 chalk, 1 eraser, and 2 crayons and 36 magnetic letters & numbers. Great educational toy to learn your alphabet & numbers and have fun too! :Dimensions: L 14 3/4″ x W 1 1/2′ x H 10 3/4″

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Grades K & up. Have fun identifying r-controlled vowels, vowel digraphs, and vowel diphthongs. Also silent letters, and words ending in -le and -y. 72 learning activities in all. Hot Dots Power Pen sold separately.

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One fairytale castle themed Discmo. Open ended, educational, creative, and much more – Discmos are an exciting new addition to the developmental toy market, spurred by the growing body of research on the benefits of open ended, child directed play. Discmos combine classic educational toy characteristics with a free form, versatile design that captivates children and offers them limitless possibilities for play, learning and fun. But how exactly do they work? Any way, and no specific way, in the spirit of truly open ended toys that leave room for imagination, interpretation and personalization. Discmos are tools, fuel for imaginative, intrinsically motivated play. Hand a set to a kid or adult and you will see: stacking, sorting, twirling, rolling, counting, organizing, memorizing, trading, collecting, filling, dumping, and on, and on. You might witness spontaneous games, elaborate trading, pretend play with Discmos as coins, game pieces, medals, or pirate treasures. You can even use them yourself to interact, educate or imagine along with your kids. The textured, durable discs feature whimsical, full color illustrations and names of animals, vehicles, household, play and neighborhood objects, fantasy characters and more, helping kids visualize, verbalize, sort, match and classify by various criteria including color, category, and relationships. But the real value of Discmos, as is so often the case with things that fascinate children and stir their imaginations, lies in their simplicity, adaptability, sensory pleasure and creative fun that kids can make their own. Discmos are the kind of toy that kids return to over and over, finding yet more uses each time, adapting them as they grow and acquire new skills. As they play, their imagination and creativity will flourish, along with opportunities to sharpen their abilities in various developmental areas.

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