Use these sets of 100 blocks, in six shapes and six colors, to explore patterns, symmetry, linear and area measurement, fractions and problem solving. Teaching Guide included. Ages: 5-13 Manufacturer: Learning Resources

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Our large monthly calendar comes with 31 date cards, 7 cards presenting each day of the week, 12 month cards, and a teaching guide to complete the 52- piece pocket chart set. Day and month cards are in English and Spanish. Sturdy construction includes hanging grommets, hook and loop fasteners for attaching other charts, and a weighted bottom. 28″ x 25 1/2″.

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Step right up and try your hand at this! Fun arcade-style math game, with three levels of difficulty, plays fast-paced games that keep kids engaged while reinforcing basic math. Kids choose their level of difficulty, read the math equation, then strike it to answer when the numbers flash and beep. Its sure to create lots of excitement and a positive feeling towards math. Plastic body with soft-lighted keys, and soft foam mallet included. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included.

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Categories Learning & Education Learning Resources Math & Counting Toys & Games

Categories Learning & Education Learning Resources Math & Counting Toys & Games

Quieter than their plastic or wood counterparts, these color tiles are made from a washable and durable foam material. They even adhere to smooth surfaces when dampened! Creative play possibilities are endless. Ages 3 to 13


Categories Learning & Education Learning Resources Math & Counting Toys & Games

Promote math literacy in your students through the excellent word problems in this book. They will use basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while strengthening their critical thinking skills.Each page features several word problems created around one theme such as “Firehouse Field Trip” and “The Bake Sale.” Word problems are an great way to teach students how to use math in the real world, and they are sure to benefitfrom this wonderful collection of word problems.


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Relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages are the focus of this book. Students use a variety of approaches to reinforce the equivalences in these methods of expression. Topics covered include measurement, ordering decimals and fractions,


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Has 8 learning activity modes Includes alphabet and phonetic letter sounds, word spell, phonics game, spelling bee, find it game, guessing game, follow the song and melody mix Number keys convert to a 10-note keypad to create short tunes Fun melodies with the Alphabet Song sing-along and free rolling bus with flashing headlights For ages 2-5 years, Manufacturer: Winfat Industrial Co. LTD

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This kit comes with 2 Learning Palette Bases and 6 curriculum packs. The curriculum has been carefully crafted to help your students meet the expectations of the NCTM Standards. Includes 6 card packs for adding and subtracting with three and four digit numbers, estimation, regrouping, decimals & fractions. Each packets includes 12 cards with 12 questions on each card. With 6 packets, there are 864 questions!

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Kids will love stacking colorful pieces onto this adorable, expressive bear. As they stack the hardwood pieces onto the pegboard, the bear changes color and facial expressions. Watch him go through eight different expressions in all. Set includes pegboard and 20 counting pieces in four shapes and four colors. Pegboard base is 8 3/4″ x 6″ x 2 1/4″.

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One cookie for you, two cookies for me. Make learning to count delicious with colorful counting cookies. Includes ten cookies with numbers 1-10 on the bottom and the corresponding number of counting chips on the top. Cookies measure 2 inches, are made of soft plastic and come in their own sturdy plastic 6-inch cookie jar.


  • Honor’s Award Winner-National Parenting Publications Awards for Children’s Resources (NAPPA-2003)

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Pre-K & up. Develops beginning math skills including colors, shapes, numbers, counting, sequencing, patterning, and money values. Includes 100 tiles, 50 activity cards, activity guide andtray with storage compartment.

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