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With the powerful, sinister Black Hole (a.k.a.Professor Darkness) intent on destroying the solar system, a day seldom passes without the discovery of some new danger or disaster about to strike at the inhabitants of the peaceful planets. That’s when Planet Heroes rally around the fiery fighting spirit of Dazzle, the warrior princess of Venus. Dazzle takes on the bad dudes of the galaxy by flashing out overpowering light waves and skillfully spraying the enemy into surrender with her lava launcher. For courage in battle and dazzling brilliance, no warrior in the universe can match what Venus Dazzle has! Includes 6″ figure, lava missile, shield and trading card.

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Mouse’s Word House is an educational toy designed for use by children ages six months and up with neurological, cognitive, visual, or communication disabilities. This toy takes the child on a tour of the house with the friendly mouse. The doors open like turning the pages of a book, and depending on which setting is chosen, the child is rewarded with word rhymes or rhythmic songs. The child can also enjoy bysy activities such as dropping the mouse down the chimney or through a chute, pressing buttons for effecdts, and watching lights dance. A story and guide book are included. POWER: Uses three double-A alkaline batteries.

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Little seamstresses will enjoy making their very own sewing creations just like mom. Singer® Lockstitch 2000 Sewing Machine uses upper and lower threads to produce true lockstitch action. It has a fast & slow speed control, working light On/Off switch, tension dial bobbin winder , carrying handle, storage compartment, store-away bobbin winder, foot pedal control, control indicator lights, spare bobbin & needle. It is a great way for children to discover the delights of sewing. This sewing machine requires 3 “D” batteries.

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Designed for very young children to promote motor skills and enhance total physical sense of touch and balance. 16″ diameter x 32″ long. Ages 6 months and up.


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Kids learn the order of the alphabet as they lace from “A to Z” to complete the outlines of 6 popular wild animals. Includes 6 large (5


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Introduce size, shape and number concepts with these soft animal pens. Each pen has a number printed on it and the same number of farm animals inside. There is 1 chick in a nest, 2 sheep, 3 pigs and 4 cows.

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An exciting new card game designed to teach and support the fundamental elements of grammar and usage. Can be played by small or large groups and provide skills, motivation and fun! Boxed card deck includes directions for play.::Compound Words: A card game of rummy in which players combine cards of familiar words to create new compound words. Reinforce language arts skills with the 60 cards in this deck. Look for other card games in the MATCH Them! series.

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This Sentence Building Kit addresses parts of speech recognition, identification of subjects and predicates, punctuation placement and sentence construction. Includes 24 double-sided activity cards, 48-page instruction and activity book, 4 activity trays and storage tub. Can be used with 1-4 students.

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